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Ketep Pass ( view the Merapi Mountain )

Ketep Pass

Travelling in the mountains of the temperate cool and fresh is an attractive alternative to release the fatigue of mind and heart after struggling with the routine of our work. One alternative sights and fresh air is cool Tourism Ketep Pass in Magelang regency, Central Java. Regions Ketep Pass is a tourist resort at an altitude of 1200 meters above the sea. The place is roomy and are top of the hill makes the view from Ketep can pass freely in all directions. Other sights are not very exotic and very remarkable is sturdy and Merbabu which is right in front of Ketep Pass, the more so when seen in the morning or sunny weather. increasingly add charm Ketep Pass.

Ketep Sightseeing Pass is an alternative to traveling in Magelang, in addition to the Borobudur Temple, Taman Kyai Langgeng and Kopeng in Salatiga. In addition to and Merbabu dreamy, from Ketep Pass may also witnessed the beauty of Mount Sindoro and Cleft. Adding atmosphere very refreshing Ketep Pass.

Although Ketep Sightseeing Pass is not so long established, but the beauty and coolness of mountain air and view objects are free to make a lot of visitors come to this place. Various facilities have been built in Ketep Pass. Facilities that are superior Ketep Pass is a tour of Volcanology . Tourism as well as add insight and knowledge about kegunungapian facilitated in tourism Ketep Pass. Volcano Theatre is a mini movie theater that gives an overview of activities of Merapi volcano to visitors.

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Ketep Pass 1 430x322 Ketep Pass

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Facilities Ketep Pass

View post

Look at the gazebo substation used as a place to see the natural beauty of and Mount Merbabu, and the expanse of farmland and the valley at the foot of Mount second. Besides used as a place to observe, viewing post can be used as a place to discuss, meeting and hanging out though just enough for some people. Many discussion groups or agencies that often hold a meeting at the Gazebo Ketep Pass. The space is open but sheltered from the sun and the rain makes the atmosphere cozy Gazebo Ketep Pass.

Ketep Pass 2 430x322 Ketep Pass

Ketep Pass 4 Ketep Pass

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Volcano Theatre

Volcano Theatre Ketep Pass is a building where a documentary film about the activities of . Scientific film that tells of the eruption of Merapi, climbing routes, Garuda dipuncak research as well as some massive eruption of . With reasonably priced tickets that visitors can enjoy the movie lasts approximately twenty minutes in the Volcano Theatre provided Ketep Pass.

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Ketep Pass 1 430x322 Ketep Pass

Parking area and Mosque

Although it is located on the hilltop, but enough available parking area large enough. Also a place of worship for the visitors. Visitors need not worry about the vehicle. For visitors to use buses and large vehicles has been provided ample parking wider though more distant relative distance from the main location Ketep Pass.

Ketep Pass 3 430x322 Ketep Pass

Eating Places

Apart from a few stalls available in the area Ketep Pass, there is a traditional food which is quite interesting that Corn. Stalls in Ketep Pass provides a variety of foods to complement the atmosphere of a tour in Ketep Pass.

To Reaching Ketep Pass is not too difficult, from the direction of the route that can be taken Yogyakarta Yogyakarta – Blabak – Sawangan – Ketep. From Blabak approximately 15 km away. If we can Semarang direction through Satatiga – Kopeng – Kaponan – Ketep Pass. Travel to Ketep Pass can be passed using almost any vehicle with motorcycles, cars and buses.

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